Want to Make More Money Online Teaching Others
What You Know Using Social Media? Watch this Video:

When you look back at the corona-virus madness, will you be among the “successful” few?

It’s no secret that EVERY business on the planet is racing to get set up online

Virtual this, Virtual that

If you’re looking to make more money online, using social media…


You’re sick & tired of being stuck, stagnant, and stale with the sales 🙁 

You’re in the right place!

Quite frankly…

The problem is simple  ➡️ whatever you’re doing isn’t working

  • You’ve rushed to do everything your recent coach coached you on
  • You’ve dug into old dusty “how to get more clients with no ad spend” courses you purchased before
  • Now you’re staring in the mirror at your best self like – “WTF dude?!!”

(cue the crickets)

What did you expect? LOL

(cue more crickets…louder!!!!)

WHATEVER you’re doing, whoever you paid, whatever you bought into…

WHATEVER you sold your left rib for and traded in the pot of gold from the end of the rainbow for…

W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R you thought would work

Just flat out not working…period!!!!

So STOP doing it


What if I showed you EXACTLY how this client made $26,000 in one week, at the height of the COVID-19 panic…

Context for the curious (and skeptics):

  • Date of post: Friday, March 27, 2020
  • Type of business: Heartfelt Business Coaching
  • Ad spend on Facebook: $0
  • Ad spend on Youtube: $0
  • Is she using a webinar? No
  • Clickfunnels? No
  • What’s her website? No 🤣 (lol I see you slick haha)
  • Where is she getting her clients from? Social Media folks…Social-friggen-Media

At the peak of COVID-19 (between March 17th – March 27th)

  • Our community celebrates 🎉🎉

(play celebration horns with resounding cheers)

For us…

A win is a win is a win

  • But more impressively…A win during Corona time!!!

Just like Alyssa

Just like this client

Clearly something’s working for us 🙂

So whats the deal??

If you’re asking what makes our program different from all the other ones?

I get it, good question

But let me ask you these first…

  1. What’s the REAL reason why you want to fast track getting more clients?
  2. Why do you REALLY think nothing’s working for you right now?
  3. Are you even ready to serve more clients with the mindset you’re in?

(cue Jeopardy music) 🎶🎵

Right now 

There’s two types of people roaming the earth:

  • Type 1 – People who take action

  • Type 2 – Diabetics 😂 (i’m kidding) People who THINK about taking action

What makes us different is…we’re neither!!

We help our clients to do ONE THING and be ONE TYPE of person

  • The person who takes the RIGHT action

Like this guy 🙂  When you own your value, your value reciprocates (damn that’s a tweetable)

Introducing the Social Media Selling System™

The Most Battle-Tested Proven Process For Enrolling More Clients On Social Media Whenever You Feel Like It

…In 90 days or less of course!!

These 3 pillars are the bedrock to the Social Media Selling System

Pillar #1 – You get a bulletproof mindset system

After working with thousands of coaches, course creators, consultants, speakers, and service providers…

The common denominator in who succeeded and who didn’t, was their ability to adopt a rock sold & resilient mindset.

And in this program, you’ll learn how I was able to bounce back numerous times to resurface, bigger, faster, stronger

You’ll ingest the EXACT same mindset principles I teach my clients (including Alyssa and the others you’ve seen today) to help you establish a solid foundation when starting or growing your business and attract your ideal clients

Pillar #2 – You get a highly credible business mentor

We’ve all seen it before on Youtube, FB Lives, & FB video ads

Guru sells > People buy > People learn from guru > People try > People fail > Guru ghosts

Not here buddy 🙂

  • We protect our own!!!

Ask around

Do your research

Follow me on social media

You’ll see…You’ll want…(and with my help)…You’ll conquer!!!

Pillar #3 – You get to follow a proven business model

It doesn’t get any clearer than this!!

(pause for a quick bathroom break)

So which type of person are you?

Are you the person who hastily takes action…but seeing ZERO to LIMITED results? OR…

Are you the type of person who thinks about all the strategies, gets hyped, over thinks,  watches more YouTube, then FINALLY decides to start….first thing tomorrow morning? (emphasis on tomorrow 😞) 


Are you the type of person willing to trust the process, follow instructions, pound the pavement and take the RIGHT action…RIGHT now?

The choice is yours…


When you think back, to this time in human history

Will you be salty, re-telling the story of how you got screwed by so & so

  • And how this person didn’t help you 
  • And that person didn’t respond to your support ticket for 3.5 days


Will you lean into (and latch onto) a proven system with a powerful leader and a team that will fight to protect their clients into victory?

Come Join Us 🙂

We’re ready to celebrate your next win 🎉🎉

Yahya Bakkar and the Powerhouse team

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